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More than 30 years of experience in IT at the service of our clients.


Metrix DNA

In our DNA is the ability to connect and link: systems, networks, but also talents, ideas, concepts and continuous measure to improve.



In a world of exponential technology, we are distinguished by something that is our foundation: the respectful humanism of valuing a good human life among humans.



Our purpose, our "ikigai" is to create a better reality: for the society where we operate, for our customers, partners, team members, suppliers, allies.


Specialists in Data Capture and Cybersecurity.

Metrix is a spin off of a company that now has more than 30 employees and developed regional projects in Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Trinidad & Tobago among others.

Within markets as dissimilar as logistics, financial services, insurance, health and medical imaging, oil & gas, industry, public administration, education, etc.

Metrix arrived to help organizations capture data and transform it into valuable information.

Monitor, because you improve what you measure.

Analyze the big data generated to transform it into information that feeds better decisions.

And to collaborate so that what is invested in IT continues to provide greater value with IT and operational security.

That is why RSA is more than an acronym for us. It is to conceive that part of our vital energy is at the service of improving life.



Meet the team of professionals at your disposal.

Luis Aguilar

CEO Metrix

Monitoring and cybersecurity architect for industrial operations (OT).

Paula Zaneti

Specialist in e-learning developments and AGILE methodologies.

Specialist in e-learning developments and AGILE methodologies.

Fernando Cassina

Biometrics & Cibersecurity

Specialist in cybersecurity and biometric identification systems for the development of projects with blockchain technology.

Alejandro Matoso

Monitoring & Cibersecurity

Monitoring and cybersecurity for SMEs.

Gonzalo Etchegaray

Technical Monitoring Support

Connectivity, structural cabling, fiber optic facilities and corporate WIFI deployments.



Some of our clients in Spain and the rest of the world:

Where you can find us


C. de la Puebla, 1, Piso 1, Edificio NEXO, 09004 Burgos, España


Plaza Nápoles y Sicilia, 4. Piso 4, Oficina 13 46003 Valencia, España


Carrer de Sabino Arana 38 Piso 6-2 08028 Barcelona, España


Av. Corrientes 4006, 1. 1048 Buenos Aires, Argentina

Ciberseguridad y captura de datos Luis Aguilar

I Desafio Industrial Polo Positivo

Winners of the first edition of the Desafio Industrial Polo Positivo.

Our 3-layer model of monitoring, sensing and simulation analytics helped to efficiently manage the water and energy consumption of wine production at the Herrero wine production company in Segovia.

Institutional relations


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C. de Santander, 11, Piso 1 Oficina 2, 09004 Burgos



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