Tools that Metrix puts at your disposal

How to anticipate problems and generate big data for predictive analytics in any type of activity?
Easy, fast and cost-effective tool to anticipate IT and OT problems, monitoring, alarming and reporting anomalies with action and repair.
How to achieve connectivity anywhere, secularized, cost-effective and easy to deploy?
Multiple industrial connectivity routers to solve how to obtain data of any type, from any device or machinery, and provide secure access to the Internet.
How to quickly prevent a factory hacking or cybersecurity incident?
Without changes or machine stops, implement OT cybersecurity in minutes to comply with ANSI/ISA-99 or IEC 62443. And secure your remote access for maintenance with two factors. Or protect those old machinery, impossible to replace
How to measure, locate and identify valuable assets using wireless technologies?
Long range and low power consumption Bluetooth industrial beacons for measuring, identifying and locating.
How to protect physical assets and sensitive R&D&I areas?
Protection of assets and sensitive areas by means of multi sensors that integrate with monitoring and detect threats to critical areas and assets in advance. Industrial thermography. Intelligent control of R&D areas Environmental protection of data areas.
How to start progressively or better my cybersecurity?
Firewalls and UTM for perimeter security. Industrial firewalls for industrial zoning and DMZ.
9% of attacks come from infected or malware-laden USB pen drives. How to solve this simply and quickly?
authUSB is an approved and enterprise solution to eliminate risks from pendrives or USB storage in an audited, secure and efficient way. For industrial environment, health, public or educational entities.
Effective and fast visualization to improve maintenance routines or decision making?
Grafana allows you to create high-impact visual dashboards for the operation and maintenance.
Do you have to place special sensors in industry, logistics or supermarkets for variable control and data capture?
Our sensors allow you to quickly integrate it with TTN or PRTG to have savings immediately.
Do you need to ensure indoor air quality to prevent illness, absenteeism and meet the WELL standard?
A simple, fast and integrated way for students, doctors, patients or employees to avoid illnesses and allergies.
Looking to automate repetitive processes and tasks?
Both in the area of business processes and IT governance we implement ANSIBLE as a post monitoring step: after an alert or alarm, we integrate corrective action(s).
Do you need predictive analytics or to improve process decisions based on metrics?
Don't waste any more time. We make a Proof of Concept (PoC) for you to check in hours.
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Support and training

Since 2011 we implement PRTG monitoring consoles, helping also in the support, training, coaching and training of personnel to solve multiple scenarios of predictive monitoring in environments as different as:


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