Experto en ciberseguridad industrial Universidad Isabel I

Experto Universitario en Ciberseguridad Industrial

Industry 4.0 needs cybersecurity professionals. It's your chance to grow professionally and help protect critical services.

When and where


10th April


3 months





Diploma of University Expert in Industrial Cybersecurity

The statistics are unobjectionable: 500,000 attacks in Spain alone. The need for at least 180,000 cybersecurity professionals. The need for Industry 4.0, which generates wealth and well-being, to be protected from cyber attacks is essential. We have made a commitment to the sector to bring our years of experience in monitoring, industrial networks and improvements to develop personnel who know about regulations, technology and processes to help companies with industrial operations on their path to cybersecurity maturity.

METRIX, in a collaboration agreement with the Isabel I University – Spain’s third online university – developed a highly valued three-month training course that provides the “know-how” required for this task.

Using the University’s educational technology and integrating it with our customer experience, we develop what is needed for an SME or mission-critical enterprise sector or essential services to develop a cyber security programme.

Why is it different?


It is the first educational offer that takes into account the holistic approach of ISO 27001 and IEC 62443: people, regulatory processes and technology.

Standards + Technology

That is why we designed a step-by-step approach that not only provides practical elements, but also the regulatory framework to form an integral professional.

More than ethical hacking

More than a technical hacking, pentesting or programming course, it is a three-month programme for a professional to conduct a securitisation process. Although it has practice labs, use cases, discussion forums, masterclasses, etc.

Who is it for?

01. What is the OT environment like?

02. What legacy technologies and protocols are there and their vulnerabilities?

03. How to do a risk assessment?

04. How to accompany a company in its step-by-step process of digital maturity?

05. How can I interpret the IEC 62443 standard and the NIST framework to help me protect industrial operations and automated systems (ICS/IACS)?

06. What tools, software, devices help me?

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